About Soli

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I’m Solana – a blend of Peruvian and Australian in Melbourne.

Back in the day, I completed my degree in film and TV, culminating in my graduate film – a thought-provoking doco that explored the lives of Gen Y activists in Melbourne. Creating a film that showcased young people taking a stand on issues that mattered to them was a ripper. I believed that documentary was a powerful medium to engage audiences and raise awareness, igniting a wee fire inside.

Since then, I have taken a slight detour. I’ve embarked on various escapades, and got lost a few times.

I have worked in animation, advertising, production, and charities and even returned to uni. I’ve lived in New York and Madrid, and I’ve been in Melbourne for the past five years. I’ve gained a hodgepodge of creative skills, but my love for colour, imagery, and storytelling has never wavered.

Thanks to the pandemic, I’ve come full circle, channelling my passion for ethical issues and making a difference through my web design business. I build beautiful, effective websites for non-profits and charities, using my hard-earned skills for a cause that truly matters. It may have taken me a decade to get here, but that same old fire still burns strong.


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