Tips for Sharing Genuine Content on Your Blog

You may have noticed the significant rise in AI-generated content lately, leading to a demand for more authentic human content. 

Your blog provides an ideal platform for this. 

You don’t need to get outrageously personal and share every corner of your mind, but having interesting, authentic content that your audience can connect with is pivotal in the AI-drenched landscape. 

People are increasingly questioning the authenticity of the content they consume, always wary of it being machine-generated. 

This prevailing sense of doubt is an unfortunate side effect of AI. So, how can you create content that is human and authentic without being overly dramatic or revealing too much? Let’s explore ways to produce content that truly connects with your audience.

Videos (connecting with your readers) Videos are an excellent way to authentically engage with your audience. Viewers often prefer watching videos over reading text, as the visual aspect, especially seeing your face, adds a genuine touch. For instance, you could create a brief video complementing a blog post, showcasing a product, or providing a “how-to” guide.

Customer Spotlights (connecting with your readers) Featuring content highlighting a satisfied customer is a brilliant and authentic method to engage with your audience. Consider sharing an interview-style blog post, and it would be even more compelling if your client was willing to create a video to accompany it.

Behind the scenes (connecting with your readers) Offering a glimpse into a typical workday or behind-the-scenes look at your business is an effective way of sharing authentic content. While it might not seem particularly exciting to you, others are often curious about different lifestyles. This type of content can be powerful in establishing connections with potential clients or customers due to its personal nature.

Storytelling (connecting with your readers) Sharing stories is one of the most authentic ways to connect on a human level. Storytelling has been a fundamental aspect of various cultures, religions, and spiritual beliefs throughout history. The key is to choose a story that resonates with your audience and narrate it as if you are speaking to a friend. Your blog doesn’t have to be overly formal or robotic; in fact, your audience will likely appreciate content that comes from a real, living person.

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